Monday, March 18, 2013

February 11, 2013


I've been having a pretty good week here. Not too much has happened. This week, we held Érd's first Institute! I wouldn't know, but Bracken elder said that it went really well! We had 2 members and 2 investigators there, and there was some really good discussion going on with them, and they fed me chocolate, so I was cool with it.
We also started a second English class in another town, it has been exciting to have more people to teach! I have to teach my own class in our other one, so its nice to have a break from teaching alone! Haha

Also, I tried some of that famous cold cherry soup! It was really good!! And yesterday, I had some Rakott Krumpli for the first time, which was pretty dang good too!! Pretty much all the food here has been really good! 

One interesting thing did happen this week. We were tracting in a 10-story apartment building, meeting angry people, as usual. Then one lady out of nowhere invited us in to talk about religion. She was a very interesting person! I guess that she calls herself a ˝Spirit Warrior˝ and she has 2 angels at her command, and she goes about doing good in the world! It was a very interesting experience. I am excited to see how she reacts to the Gospel!

And today, we went to a place called Martonvásár, where there is a castle. It was really just a very large mansion, and it made me think of the Pemberly Estate in Pride and Prejudice, so you know it's pretty nice. You should probably google it. Also, there was a park on the grounds, with a Beethoven (pronounced Beeth-Oven) memorial, complete with a creepy statue of the man. We had quite the adventure today! 

Yes, that has been my week. Very, very exciting! Everything is pretty good, nothing too crazy has been happening... I still stink at the language... haha

Love you all!

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