Friday, February 8, 2013

Well, heres whats new, I guess:

We taught a family about the Armor of God, and brought a bunch of things for one of the kids to dress up in: 
My german hat and a new years mask for the Helmet, a tie for the Breastplate, a belt for the Girdle, 2 Christmas stockings for Boots, and the family even had a wooden sword!! It was really fun! And the family got a picture, so Ill have to have them email it over!
We are still always really busy with all of our lessons! After teaching a lesson, we usually have to run over to the train or bus stop so we dont miss our ride into the next town!
Also, this week, we're gonna go on splits or swap companions for a day, and I'm going to go with Jones elder, my MTC companion... which means it will be just us two greenies, roaming the streets of Pest and not knowing how to talk to anyone! I don't know what our stinking companions are thinking!! Haha. It will be really fun, I'm sure!

Today, I went ice skating at Heros' Square! It was awesome! We went with our district and an investigator and it was super cool! Also, last week for P-day, we went exploring around a big Cathedral, and the Budapest Palace! It was really great, but I got no pictures! Sad.

I just want everyone to know that Elder Bracken is making sure I work really hard, so I'm constantly tired. I think I fell asleep in a few lessons this week, but I'm doing my best to pay attention and participate, but... you know... 
The language is coming along fine, I think. I don't feel any different though, haha. 

Well, I love you all!! I'll attach some pictures here so you can see how awesome life is!

Young Mitchell elder

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