Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December 12, 2012

So our kicsi came in today! We met the elders, and all the elders in my district swarmed around them and we hugged each one and talked in Hungarian and I think we freaked them out pretty well! Haha. That or they just think that we are all nuts!

Nothing else is really new here. I found some wooden stick by a trash can, so I just took it home, and a bunch of us elders in the residence hall had stick pull contests. That was a lot of fun!
And just for fun, I've been writing my friend's sister who is Jason's age. Apparently she is pretty excited to be writing a missionary. She reads her letters to their family, so the family told this elder that they joke with her that I'm like 5'2" or something (because she's as tall as Jason), and she doesn't like that idea. So I told her in my last letter that I am 5'2" and 1/2, and then took a picture with my buddy, but I squatted a little so I really looked 5'2". I don't think I'll be expecting a reply anytime soon.... haha.

Yup, that's about it for my life.

I love you all!!! Keep up the good work! I'll keep praying for you, Mom!!!

Love, Fiatal elder

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